Praia do Carvalho


Praia do Carvalho – Lagoa, Algarve (Portugal).

The cut of the coast configured as a “V” tight, accommodating inside a cozy little sand flanked by ocher rock walls and many worked by erosion. A scenic and huge Leixão mark the center line of the beach, cutting the horizon. The line remains towering cliffs all along the beach: access to beach is done through a hand-dug tunnel in the rock wall, where observed numerous marine fossils embedded. And someone dug with gusto and patience, not only the tunnel, but numerous niches, arcades and even a convenient place for a bar, in full face of the cliff. The ravine before the beach is very lush and dense coastal scrubland where houses dominate juniper, mastic and the dwarf palm, the only palm native of Europe. A tangle of lianas grows profusely on the bushes, which make coloring by lichens in the rainy season. In limestone already exposed to salt spray, grow plants typical of the cliffs as limónio or dressy pampilho-sea.
[Source: Algarve Tourism].


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