……….sweet pumpkin


Who loves sweet pumpkin ???
Recipe for sweet pumpkin with almonds

Yellow pumpkin: 1kg
Sugar: 1/2 kg
Lemon (peel): 1/2
Cinnamon: 1 Pau
Almonds without skin: 200 g
Cinnamon (optional) 1 Teaspoon

Place a pan on the stove with the pumpkin cut into cubes, previously cleaned and removed the bark. Bake and when molinha, pour the pumpkin and drain it well, keeping however a little water.

Reduce pumpkin puree and set aside. In the water saved from cooking you mix sugar, lemon and cinnamon stick and heat it to simmering. Pour the puree pumpkins and beginning to thicken add the coarsely chopped him almonds and cinnamon.

Reduce heat and continue to stir until always sweet take root and make point road. Take it the cinnamon stick and lemon and leave to cool.

Put in sterilized jars previously and retain them with a lid tightly closed.


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