True or strict vegetarianism vegetarianism is composed only of plant foods diet. Strict vegetarians therefore not eat any meat, eggs, dairy, gelatin, honey, etc, removing all dietary source products animal.É often confused with veganism, but although vegans are strict vegetarians, are not same thing:. “Although [nutritionally] classify the ‘true vegetarians’ only from power, there is a difference between a vegan and a strict vegetarian Generally vegan also does not use non-food products from animals such as wool, leather, silk and skin. When we talk in terms [exclusively] nutrition, this classification makes no difference. “[1] While strict vegetarianism is just a diet, veganism is about to animal rights – which includes strict vegetarianism for ethical reasons, but not just (circus with animals, rodeos, products tested on animals, and any other form of animal exploitation is boycotted by vegans).
Other types of vegetarian diets are:

Ovolactovegetarianismo – is composed of plant foods, eggs, milk and derived diet. Those who follow the ovolactovegetarianismo not eat any kind of meat.

Lactovegetarianismo – is composed of plant foods, milk and dairy diet. Those who follow it do not eat eggs or any carne.É a traditional diet in India: “For the practice of yoga, the best food system is the lacto-vegetarianism is what has been traditionally using in India for millennia even.. if it were otherwise, has proven to be ideal for SwáSthya Yoga system. ”

Ovovegetarianismo – is composed only of plant foods and eggs diet. Those who follow this diet therefore not eat any meat or dairy.

Crudivorismo – also called “live feed” or “eaten alive”, is a type of strict vegetarian diet, ie, the individual does not consume anything of animal origin, and moreover, their foods are not cooked. In this diet, nothing can be prepared to fire, because they believe that this type of preparation causes loss of nutrients. Not to say necessarily that eat only raw foods. There preparation processes which do not cause loss of nutrients such as dehydration of foods.

Frugivorismo – is a more restricted form of vegetarian diet, where you eat only fruit. Like other diets, some people consider frugivorous despite not having a diet consisting only of fruits. The reasons for this may be because they are still the way of total diet or consider that the stage reached is enough. While the intake of fruits of a person to represent the largest part of their diet, it can be considered (partially) frugivorous.


Vegetarian recipes are in different categories:
– Egg-lacto–vegetarian: accept eggs, milk and dairy
– Egg-vegetarianas-: only accept exclude eggs and dairy products
– Lacto-vegetarianas-: however maintains exclusive eggs dairy
– Vegan: no animal ingredients.


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