Christmas ornaments with Old Magazines


6 Christmas ornaments with Old Magazines
If you made ​​collection of magazines and do not know where else to store your collected parts, you can start doing crafts with them, such as Christmas decorations with old magazines with gorgeous pieces you can get, and with appearance of industrialized and not made home for you and so cheap and common material. So put your hands dirty now and choose your favorite garnish.


Tips of Christmas ornaments with Old Magazines
Your Christmas tree can make beautiful decorations if you make straws with leaves of old magazines and paste these straws paper balls around Christmas, with the help of a hot glue gun or glue the straws magazine around a ball of Styrofoam and also paste a piece of string on top to hang your piece on your Christmas tree


Another option for garnish previously mentioned model, however sophisticated, is making ornaments with Rolls straws magazine, spiral wound, and pasted into forms related with Christmas, such as pines and stars, and also made ​​of leaves with straws crumpled magazines

With Christmas ornaments with old magazines you save, but assures beautiful look to the décor of your home (Photo:


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