This is the most brilliant home decor hack we’ve ever seen


This is the most brilliant home decor hack we’ve ever seen! >

I was looking at a blog that had some sweater vase cozies that I liked alot and was going to make some. But it was what they had in the vase that I wanted too! I loved how it all looked together. That is what started this whole idea! All of a sudden I had this slap in the head brain fizz moment and saw q-tips in my mind! Well when you think about it, pussy willows do look like the cotton tip of a q-tip don’t you think so too? So I yelled out loud to nobody, I can make them with q-tips and some tree branches from the woods I bet!
I right away got all the stuff I thought I would need and was going to see if it would work. And to my amazing surprise I pulled it off and I got my pussy willows for free…sitting right at home, and they look amazing! They look just like the real thing and I was jumping up and down excited and happy!

diy-pussy-willow-branches-q-tips-crafts-diy-home-decor (1)

These are the items I used along with my glue gun and a deep sided bowl…you’ll see why I mention that bowl on the blog in the tutorial.

diy-pussy-willow-branches-q-tips-crafts-diy-home-decor (2)

I really love them and they worked perfectly for what I wanted! I got some new vases and pussy willows both and I didn’t spend a dime! A great centerpiece! See more on the blog along with the diy if you want to make some too! It was easy! A bit time consuming with all the branches I had to cover, but so worth it to me. I have no idea why I thought of this, I’ve seen pussy willows around my whole life, but I’m glad I did! I have another idea to make for Christmas using the same idea just different stuff. I also thought of another way to use q-tips while I was working on this too! I can’t wait to bring those to life! But I love my pussy willows a lot! I even did a search to see if anyone had ever done this before and couldn’t find anything, so maybe this is a first! Cool! What do you think?


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