It is the point where Santiago was founded, and today the Cerro Santa Lucia is also known as a haven for romantics, but did you know that there are images of more than 155 years ago that depict couples lovebirds sneaking in place?What love has seen this hill!

Photo of Cindy Galaz / Flickr


“It was my first trip as a student travel. Camping here is a privilege, even more wake up and see the reflection of the mountains on the water of the lagoon, are moments that are gabados in mind,” says Antonio Ignacio Rivas Calderon on his trip to Futangue Park Rivers Region.


Legend has it that a princess of the Inca Empire cried so much in love that her tears came the Laguna del Inca is now hidden in the middle of the Andes.

Johanna Navas Thanks for sharing this picture with us!


“A forest of Araucaria lies submerged under the waters of this beautiful lake in the Conguillo National Park. The scenery is the result of successive eruptions of Llaima Volcano, one of the most active in Chile,” says Freddy Neira, who shared this incredible picture with us.


75 kilometers south of Antofagasta, the Hand of the Desert emerges like a giant waiting to leave. Have a photo? Share it with us on our wall.

Photo of Marcos Escalier / Flickr


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