Knitting Ball Wreath


This is what I created for my friends birthday gift out of what I already had on hand. This was super frugal! She loves to knit. She loved this. Come take a peek!!

how-to-knitting-ball-wreath-craft-crafts-wreaths (1)

Ok my dearest friend in the whole world was having a birthday. She is a very practical lady like I am & frugally minded. She loves yarn so very very much. She has more yarn than anyone I know. She loves to craft & knit and make beautiful & useful things. But she has everything she needs for crafting. So I had no idea what to get her for her birthday.

how-to-knitting-ball-wreath-craft-crafts-wreaths (2)

So I really had to think. Then it came to me to make a whimsical knitting wreath to celebrate her passion. So I already had a straw wreath I had gotten on sale for a dollar a while back I just had not used yet. I took one of my husbands old stained up shirts and ripped it up in strips and covered the wreath. Then I went to my small stash of yarn. I already had some small balls of yarn that she herself had given me, olds scraps she had no need for. So I used those and my teen girl and I sat and rolled more balls out of my yarn.


We chose to use lots of different colors because she is a very colorful lady herself! I used some scrap cloth I had in my sewing box to make a floppy bow. I added knitting needles to give it that final touch. Hot glue was perfect to mount everything! The yarn scraps got upcycled well I think. She has since already received her gift from us and she loved her new gift! I was so happy!
I hope this inspires you to think outside of the box! Making gifts from the heart mean so much more.Also it is so rewarding knowing not a lot of money wasn’t used and I was able to use what I already had on hand keeping things frugal.


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