How To Make Cloved Oranges


There’s nothing quite like the smell of cloved oranges for the holidays! We used to make these as Christmas presents for our Moms when I was in the Brownies just a few (cough . . . 40) years ago. Probably along with a photo frame made out popsicle sticks 🙂 In case you don’t remember how to make them, the super duper easy instructions are listed on the photos below.

Time: 10 Minutes Cost: $6.00 Difficulty: Easy


Buy some oranges


I poured the cloves out onto a dish so I could sort through them and pick out the non-broken pieces easier.


I used a skewer like you would make shish kabobs with to poke a hole 1st and then inserted the clove. Cloves are pointy by nature, so it’s not absolutely necessary to…


You can either arrange the cloves in patterns on your oranges or just place them randomly.



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