Royal Palace Buçaco [detail] – Luso, Aveiro (Portugal).

The Royal Palace is located in the National Forest Buçaco, the Portuguese parish, municipality of Aveiro, Aveiro District in Portugal.
Considered as the last legacy of the kings of Portugal is in an architectural, botanical and scenic single set in Europe, where it is currently installed Palace Hotel Bussaco, categorized as one of the most beautiful and historic hotels in the world.
The building was designed in the last quarter of the nineteenth century by the Italian architect Luigi Manini, scenographer the National Theater of Sao Carlos. Also included interventions at different stages, the architects Nicola Bigaglia, Manuel Joaquim Norte Júnior and José Alexandre Soares.
It is listed as a Public Interest since 1996.
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Ria de Aveiro (Aveiro).

The Ria de Aveiro is composed of a huge diversity of habitats that compose it, such as, estuary or river, Sandbar, marsh, beach or dune, lagoon of brackish or freshwater. Since this is also the Nature Reserve of Dunas de S. Jacinto and a diverse flora and fauna, making it one of the most renowned Portuguese natural resources.
This is home to a diversity of habitats, which gives you an ecological importance.
Being open waters, habitat for a diverse fish fauna, existing in them numerous species of algae, which also serves as food for certain birds.
Agricultural land, which mostly cultivate rice and corn, where refugia are an important population of marine animals


Biblioteca Joanina da Universidade de Coimbra, Coimbra (Portugal).

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