Christmas lanterns


Christmas lanterns

1 – Choose a beautiful paper and cut out a long range enough to go around the glass and wide enough to fit the design that will cut. Here we use scrap paper purchased at arts and craft stores.
2. With a knife cut out the design in the center of the paper. Glue a lace trim at the edges of the paper.
3- Then paste paper leaked in glass jar.
Tip: Cole just at the back of the pot, seam in the paper.


4- Cut a piece of wire slightly larger than the mouth of the pot.
With a 5-nose pliers, make two jaunts on opposite sides of the circle to hold the handle as the picture above.
6. Cut a semi circle wire and finish the ends as the photo.
7. Attach the two pieces with the help of pliers.
8- To hang, use nylon thread or other material that matches your decor.



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