Clementine Crate Crafts


Isn’t this little Christmas table decoration just darling? Pun intended because that crate was actually filled with Darling Clementines until about a week ago. That is until I dumped them all in the fruit bowl so I could put the wood clementine crate to (better) use.
I’m not gonna say I bought a five pound box of clementines just for the crate…but I mean it may have had a little something to do with it.


Regardless…I think it was a good decision because now look at Mr. Crate. All I did was use a little goo gone to remove the paper and adhesive before spray painting two coats of black paint all over the box.

clementine-crate-crafts-how-to-make-a-darling-table-centerpiece-crafts-how-to-repurposing-upcycling (1)

Then I filled her up with goodies I had around the house…

clementine-crate-crafts-how-to-make-a-darling-table-centerpiece-crafts-how-to-repurposing-upcycling (2)

I started by pulling the garland off my pumpkin topiaries that are still sitting on the front porch (my daughter commented someone still had pumpkins out today and I had to justify they are Thanksgiving decorations, too!).
I put some candles in a few glass food jars that had been cleaned and de-labeled and I snagged one of the tree branch candle sticks I made awhile back from the mantel.

clementine-crate-crafts-how-to-make-a-darling-table-centerpiece-crafts-how-to-repurposing-upcycling (3)

On one of the jars I wrapped some jute around the top to hide the ridges for the lid and add a little extra texture. I also made a little ‘Joy to the World’ tag in PicMonkey and tucked her in there. I finished my Christmas center piece up with some pine cones I had cleaned and dried and gold berries.
I just love the way it all came together.

clementine-crate-crafts-how-to-make-a-darling-table-centerpiece-crafts-how-to-repurposing-upcycling (4)



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