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Incorporating your personal style is an exciting part in the home renovation process. However, before you choose ultra trendy finishes or an extremely traditional design, consider what will attract or deter a future buyer when you decide to sell your home. Follow these tips to design a home that showcases your personal aesthetic, while incorporating elements that add value to your home.
1. Quality over quantity. When designing your home, go for better, not bigger. More homebuyers are turning away from massive homes and looking for quality design. “Homeowners are more savvy about looking for quality in construction, materials and appliances,” says interior design expert and artist, Pablo Solomon. “They are less dazzled by McMansions and more impressed by quality, location and value.”

2. Consider your buyer. Consider your neighborhood and the demographic of your potential buyer during the design process. For example, if you live in an urban, up-and-coming neighborhood, your design should reflect a more modern buyer. Constantine Vasilios, Studio Interim Leader Interior Design Programs at Harrington College of Design, recommends keeping age in mind. “Buyers age 35 and younger prefer clean interiors with modern Scandinavian-inspired decor, while Baby Boomers prefer comfortable settings with detailed accessories,” says Vasilios.

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3. Trends in design. Monitor design trends to avoid using outdated materials. This is especially important for kitchens, which have the biggest return on investment. Victoria Solomon of Victoria Elizabeth Design says, “The home design world is moving away from dark wood kitchens and toward light, bright kitchens.” Stainless steel appliances are being replaced by other options as well. Katie Hubert, Mackenzie Collier Interiors, says, “Stainless steel is not the only way to go anymore. Appliances that blend into cabinetry are popular and that custom-built appearance is extremely desirable to buyers.”

4. Add impact. Investing your budget in the kitchen and bathrooms is wise, but don’t forget to allocate funds for other high-impact areas of your home. Tamara Mack, Tamara Mack Design, suggests adding a dramatic touch to your foyer to grab buyers’ attention. “Stairways are often neglected during renovations, but they can make a big impact in the look and feel of the home.” Another valuable commodity for potential buyers is closet space. “Put money into your closets! Buyers love closet systems, and your investment will pay off,” says Hubert.

5. Stay color neutral. You may love the idea of bold red wallpaper in your dining room, but a neutral look is much more appealing to potential buyers. “When keeping resale value in mind, stay neutral. My best standby paint colors are Benjamin Moore® Edgecomb Gray or Benjamin Moore® White Dove,” says Mack.

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6. Showcase natural light. For potential buyers, natural light is a positive feature for any home. Show off your windows by using drapes or curtains. “Hang window treatments between the top of the windows and the ceiling. This gives the illusion that the windows are larger than they actually are and draws your eye to this grand, beautiful feature,” says Hubert.

Photo: Keith Scott Morton
A version of this story originally appeared on HomeFinder.com


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