Stacy Fawcett’s Foodie Blog: Sunday Brunch Breakfast Pizzas

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Still have ThaStinksgiving left overs?? Here is a delicious idea to finish them!! yes, even stuffing and gravy are gooood! or make it a calzone 🙂 BOTH are tasty!

Sunday Brunch Breakfast Pizzas

Dough Choices:

*Boboli pre made Pizza crust (I used whole wheat version)
*Pillsbury has a “Pop N Fresh” Whole Wheat version & Artisan Pizza crusts now available in stores
*Whole Foods sells pre made whole wheat and white pizza dough, just call ahead to order


*Same  concept as a omlet bar, so the possibilities are up to you and what your guests like.

-Whole egg or scrambled egg whites or egg beaters
-any shredded cheeses
-any vegetables
-Ground Turkey
-Grilled Chicken

You can use any toppings you like and bake for 8-10 minutes and you are ready to serve!!


For more Brunch ideas please visit my Pinterest page:

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