Ceviche Shrimp Recipe


Ceviche Shrimp Recipe
The ceviche is a dish of Peruvian cuisine, usually made with raw fish, which will be cured by the acidity of citrus juices, this lemon the recipe.

20 Cameroon
2 tomatoes Chucha
2 lemons
200ml water
½ onion
1c. tablespoons of grated ginger
1c. Oil soup
Coriander qs
qs salt
1 Malagueta

Method of Preparation
1 – In a bowl add the juice of lemons, water, ginger and onion. Blanch the prawns in salted water. Remove and rinse them in cold water to cool. Dry them, cut them into pieces and add them to the above mixture. Cover and refrigerate one to two hours.

2 – However prepare the sauce. Clean the tomato seeds. Cut into cubes and mince one another. Cut the remaining onion into half moons or rings. Add the chilli, salt and olive oil.

3 – Wrap the shrimp and marinade with this sauce and serve with coriander flavored cold.

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