Q&A with two elusive entrepreneurs: The Yik Yak founders


As far as founders go, the Yik Yak fellas are some of the quietest. Georgia-based Brooks Buffington and Tyler Droll stayed out of the Silicon Valley limelight during the early days of their social networking app’s meteoric growth. The tech world didn’t start paying attention to Yik Yak until Sequoia’s Jim Goetz, the investor famed for backing WhatsApp, decided to throw $62 million behind them.

As a result, the Yik Yak story hasn’t really been told. What do Buffington and Droll care about? How did they make their app go viral on college campuses? Who is this forgotten third founder suing them?

For those unfamiliar with Yik Yak, the app lets people see and publish short posts within a 10-mile radius around them. If it succeeds it could give people a brand new way to communicate. The premise is powerful enough that Twitter unabashedly ripped it off with its new location-tweet feature.


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