Closets: Tips for Planning and Organization – Organize boxed items unique to each station. – The kneading should be hung, which can not be folded kneading. – If you are a couple, the parts of each must be separated and things organized by type, such as dress shoes along with social clothes … For example. […]

……… Home’s Resale Value

Incorporating your personal style is an exciting part in the home renovation process. However, before you choose ultra trendy finishes or an extremely traditional design, consider what will attract or deter a future buyer when you decide to sell your home. Follow these tips to design a home that showcases your personal aesthetic, while incorporating […]

Resurrecting the Greens

Resurrecting the Greens The leaves of vegetables when staying inside or outside the refrigerator for too long lose color and fade. This is because lose water. For them to “revive” it takes moisturize them again. Simply put them in a glass of water and wait a bit. * It is also recommended to cut the […]